Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Parasitic on the Tokyo Sky Tree

Pincushion that was played in Episode 7 is parasitic on the Tokyo Sky Tree with a thread of viscosity was performed by changing the appearance sequentially. Immediately after the parasitic First, changes in the oval to the "cocoon". In addition to the electromagnetic field of the pulse was originally acquired and the entire circumference barrier to disable the kinetic energy bullets, and counterattack capability of the directional beam.

Boasts an ultra-high output of about impossible defense, and to meet the circumstances of the docking operation impossible by Akane shot down, the beam becomes difficult enemy to occupy say it "deal impossible" with the Kenjiro in palette suit among them were. However, the moment of the beam launch, the barrier of the gun peripheral is solved locally found. Strategy to pry at naked collider the slight opening, turning on the SGE bomb detonated in the physical expression that is not affected by the electromagnetic pulse from there is planning.

Blue, Wakaba, sunflower, it results in the total war through cooperation of Armed Forces, to succeed to the introduction of warhead barely, but by the arrows shot of example, the "emergence" would begin within that can not be detonated. Emerged from the cocoon "moth-type", it becomes alone was the first response to the arrow of multiple stand-alone, unlike the population of black dark until now, vivid eye-like crest of purple and yellow was stand out I had a feather. Put someone in a spot everyone instantly in agility that has increased dramatically, but the blue that was used for the acceleration booster naked Lang at the last minute is exceeded in speed, explosive push deep into the body SGE bomb this time around. It has been destroyed completely.

Silhouette draw the S-shaped like sea horses, I combine the mechanical part, such as the aerodynamic stabilizer and somites biological. In addition, core body part's only black dark Alone specific, but it is covered in silvery gray of crustaceans that large parts of the body surface and excellent heat resistance. Appeared in the space, high-speed rush to the atmosphere immediately. I was invasion in Blue Island directly while charged a high fever. Receive interception by Vivid Blue, but represents a lens-like multiple sites reminiscent of the eye from the gap of crustaceans of the rush tip, and fire the beam-like barrage from there. And drove to the struggling is allowed to freely homing this. However, it is pushed back by the cooperation Wakaba, with sunflower shortly rushed, it was defeated by the final operation of vivid blue eventually. In addition, site arrival of Rei too late, the transition to the reinforcement morphology was not.

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